Stephex Stables

Believing that when two persons join forces 1+1 does no longer equal 2 but 11, Emanuele Anchisi says: “Stephan Conter is a great businessman with a long-term vision and he has put together the best equestrian team in the world. I am positive that together we will bring the values of Scuderia 1918 to excellence”.

“My story as CEO and founder of Stephex Group is that I managed to develop team spirit and team work day by day and this led to team success in every branch of it. As JFK briefly summarized: the art of success is knowing how to surround yourself with the right people. This is what I have always tried to do and that I have tried to do creating the cooperation with Scuderia 1918 and the Anchisi family” says Stephan Conter.


Scuderia 1918 will follow the Italian Team athletes “step by step”, making available to them shoes and belts, which will make the blue style unmistakable, offering a product studied in detail, attentive to functionality and design. With this collaboration – commented the President FISE, Marco Di Paola – amazons and riders of the Italy team will be able to wear practical accessories, tailor-made for a dynamic sport practiced in open spaces. The products are specifically designed for the needs of equestrian sports, with particular attention to the style that will identify our delegations at the numerous sporting events with a prestigious 100% Italian touch”