Scuderia1918 Halifax Van Het Kluizebos

BIRTH: 2007
RESULTS: Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos is bred out of one of Belgium’s most acclaimed damlines, Quinette Ut, who produced among others Bentley and Souvenir van de Heffinck, just like Quelle Homme and Quelle Dame.
Exceptional sharpness, unrivaled winner’s mentality and a body, built after the highest demands of modern sport, is what Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos has to offer.

Scuderia1918 Tobago Z

BIRTH: 2008
RESULTS: He was the most successful horse of the 2018 GCL, he won the WC of Madrid and the GP’s of Lyon and Oslo and numerous times he stood on the podium of a 5* GP. When genetics predict results and results confirm genetics, the circle is complete with Tobago Z.

Don Quidam

BIRTH: 2008
RESULTS: he began his career as a show-jumping horse and appeared in the world of eventing at 7 years, at 9 he already took part in the 8 and 9 year championship by showing his qualities. Under the saddle of Kevin McNab this year will be dedicated to races at level 5 * and to reach the Olympic qualification, has a reserved character and at the same time a strong personality.


BIRTH: 2013
RESULTS: stallion and blue blood with a perfect genealogy. He is  elegant and above all with a talent and a natural attitude to sport.  He is a born athlete, and even if he looks at a “beautiful girl” sometimes, he never gets distracted from his job! His goal is to participate in the 6-year World Cup at the end of the season with Lion D’angers with Kevin McNab.


BIRTH: 2008
RESULTS: from just under the saddle of Holly Woodhead has hit victory in the first outing. He has a wonderful character, sociable, serious in the race and cuddly in the stable. Will aim at competitions at level 4 * and Olympic qualification.


BIRTH: 2011
RESULTS: also called princess thanks to his ways and his appearance makes everyone fall in love, humans and horses! This year Vivian under the saddle of Holly Woodhead will aim to go up in category and consolidate the binomial in view of the championships and the final of the 8 and 9 years level 4 * in September.


BIRTH: 2009
Princy immediately made it clear that she was extraordinarily intelligent, as well as expressing great power and “respect” for the obstacle. It has never been necessary to repeat the same thing . At home she is a real lazy horse, she activates and is interested  only for a jump race. She loves going to the dove meadow and is brought daily after training.