Lorenzo De Luca

Lorenzo began riding at age nine in Lecce, Italy. “I always loved horses, even though none of my family ride. When I eventually got one I never got off.”
In January 2015 he became a rider at Stephex Stables in Wolvertem, Belgium, where he trains and competes a team of horses for showjumping. He competes wearing Italian military uniform. “It is the uniform of the Italian Air Force. The government supports the best Italian athletes with a monthly salary. It doesn’t mean we serve in the military, we just represent them. It’s a sign that the military stands behind me”.
Lorenzo’s heroes are German showjumper Marcus Ehning and Swedish showjumper Rolf-Goran Bengtsson.

   Daniel Deusser

Daniel Deusser, first sat on a horse when he was a young boy as his family loved horses. His parents have always had an important influence on his career, even today.
Daniel started his professional career with Siegfried Herröder at the age of 19. Having been recommended by Herröder to Franke Sloothaak, who was looking for a rider, Daniel began riding for Sloothaak, and went on to represent Germany in the European Young Rider Championships in 2002 where his team came 4th.
In 2007, Daniel finished 2nd in the FEI World Cup Final with Air Jordan in Las Vegas. In 2012, after many years at Stal Tops, Daniel decided to join the Stephex Stables, since when he has been climbing the FEI rankings.
In 2014, he won both the German Championships and the FEI World Cup Final. In 2015, he won Team Silver in the European Championships. 2016 became another highlight in his carreer, he even got a bronze medal during the Olympic Games in Rio with First Class Van Eeckelghem.
Daniel has ridden many horses but some have marked his career more than others, notably Air Jordan and Cornet d’Amour.

Jessica Springsteen

Beautiful, full of talent, pleasant and one of the horsewoman most famous in the world.
She rides with an impressive naturalness and since she was a child she went to live in the country, in New Jersey, where she fall in love with the horses which considers her life companions .
Jessica succeeded in transforming her passion in a career. Significant are her words : “What pays are perseverance and dedication and in addition being capable of accepting that, as in any other sport, you cannot always win”. 

Carl Hester

Carl was raised on the tiny Channel island of Sark, the island has no cars and horses are very much part of Sark life. It is no surprise that Carl learnt to ride, what is more surprising is where his early introduction to horses on this sleepy island has led him.
At 19 Carl had no ambition or aspirations but with no jobs on Sark and winter coming he decided to apply for a job with horses on the mainland.
It was there Carl had his first opportunity to compete and it was on the Fortune Centre’s skewbald mare, Jolly Dolly, that Carl won the 1985 Young Dressage Rider Championship.
There is no such thing as a lie-in at Carls. He is irritatingly cheerful and bouncing with energy first thing in the morning. With his mobile ringing and a shout to the dogs he is off to the yard. The schedule is tight, but not hurried where the horses are concerned. Carl never rushes a schooling session and each horse is worked for as long as is required to achieve the goal Carl has set. He misses nothing and calls instructions to the others on the team as they school along side him. The radio plays and quiet concentration fills the air. The afternoons are when Carl teaches his many clients.

Santi Serra

is the most highly regarded artist in the equestrian world . The horses for him are like siblings, they are part of his family.
Santi, called the young “horse whisperer” has developed an unique method to train his friend horses which doesn’t contemplate the use of saddle, bit or bridles .
His passion has become a work based on communication and freedom .
Santi works every day with one purpose: to get the horses to feel free and to leave their nature untouched .
His horses are in perfect symbiosis with him, a harmony of body and soul which makes them capable of extraordinary performances thanks to his tact and sensitiveness.
In his shows Santi becomes one with his horses and mesmerises people by with the incredible bond based on unconditional trust.

Petronella Andersson

started riding when she was very young. Her mother loved to ride as a hobby, which encouraged “Nella” to ride as well. She liked the competitive side of the sport and took part in her first Swedish Championship at the age of ten. In 2013 she joined the Stephex Stables, since then she started riding 5* competitions and climbing up the rankings. Nella keeps on dreaming big, she would like to ride for her home country Sweden in the Nations Cup and maybe even ride in the World Equestrian Games and the Olympic Games one day!

Jonna Ekberg

started competing quite early. She competed as a child in the European Championships for Ponies. Later, she represented Sweden once again at the European Championships as a junior rider. In 2013, she joined the Stephex Stables. After joining, she started by clocking up her first victory in a ranking class. She keeps working hard to participate in the biggest shows and to move up the ranking list. In 2015 she started performing at 5-star level. She lives by the motto: Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.

Zoe Conter

was first put on a pony when she was only three years old. She jumped ponies for a few years, moved on to the children classes and is currently a regular face in the 5-star circuit. She worked hard to be one of Belgium’s best Junior riders and she is at the start of an international career. In 2017 she made her début in the Longines FEI World Cup, with Zeta di Sabuci. A big dream of hers is to compete at the Olympic games.

Emilie Conter

grew up between horses and has been riding since she was a little girl. From the pony classes, she quickly moved up to the horses. Nowadays she is successfully competing at 4* level. The youngest Conter, has proven to be a strong addition to the Belgian National team. In 2016, Emilie competed with Fragile van ’t Paradijs at the European Championships, where she won team Gold. Even though Emilie is already a force to be reckoned with, she keeps on setting goals. She dreams of competing at 5-star level.